Art by Abbeth
Creation of The Cat QueenVenus ButterflyKingdom of The SunSpirit of The SouthwestPathway to The SunSummoning The SunCommissioned art for Myles Bullen's album "Healing Hurts"Unplugged in The Electric OceanWish You Were HereOctopus of The Electric OceanWhat I See In MeWhen We Realized Where We Came From IINestingInside The NightAn Offering To The Moon At DawnSurrounded by SpiritsPick Me MidnightDueling DreamsIn Like A LionCome Back to UsTransitionHawk WindYou Will Find Me at The Jaws of EndlessnessForbidden FlowersBig Blue, I Love YouJust One SipThe Coldest Night of The YearThiefThe Hand That FeedsLunar PlexusArsonist in The Guarded ForestWhen I ReturnDivine Guardians of Myself and IChariot Entanglement Lost Birds in Paradise and The Venus Mouth of FateSpringtime Transcribing The Dream DragonFurbyMother NatureReaching For The Rainbow BirdGuardian of Night and DayGem and EyeArachneWe Ride The Carnival of Wormholes From Galaxy to GalaxySpeech of the SunBorn Again ElectricIn The Arms of a GhostVenus MessengerThose Trees Have The Same Color Blood As MeWaterfall CreatureEvey's AppleChariotBreath of LifePlanetary DisturbancesMarionetteDisguised as HumanDance of The Storm SpiritSummoning The SkyWelcome To The WormholeHypnotic GlowGirlUnder Your WingEntering Another RealmForest FigureUnexpected FaceA Rosy Red Rat For My SweetInformation Through Osmosisipod Touch MePhantom Fire CaravanEuphoria Speaks Your Golden NameSpringtime in MaineThe Summer Will Become My SkinCarry This With MeExploding With The Infinity Of SilenceTouchPushing ThroughWinter Speaking SummerAnother Dimension of HomeSitting at the Event Horizon and Saying Goodbye to EverythingAngel of ArsonWhen I Go Blind or When I Die The Mountains Will Become My EyesThe Sun Was Named AthenaSleep ParalysisProtecting the Next Generation of LaddersWhen We Realized Where We Came FromOnly Spirits Can Discover Old Man LadderLadder GuardianAngel of Bile With Iridescent WingsEyes Tied Backwards, Yesterday A StainBetween This World And A Place Where You Have WingsFeeling So PhlegmaticFevers Are What Happens When Hot Knocks Cold UpRainbow Rising From A Black Bile SeaGuardian AngelPhantom GuardianThe Living Mess of Paint ItselfA Mixture of Paint and The Blood of a GodIncantationThe ElementsProtectorDeath of a Protector or Only Then is there Room to Create More
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