Art by Abbeth
Libbytown Woohas LogoBirch GuardianNauseaSoft GuardianGuardianLook It's A BIrdLooking and ThinkingLying at SunsetMermaidNail BiterNight SlideOld Hippy WomanPink FacePoint StormPrimary FaceRain GirlSheep FloodShower GirlSmoke and FlowerSmokingSnow FloodSpiderSpiderweb UmbrellaSpotlight CatDaisiesDesert EncounterDog KissDragonsFace BalloonGiraffe EnvyHear No Speak NoHere Comes SunLight BulbLightning BugCrying DesertDandy-LionCatchCounting SheepBeing a T.V.Crawl3 FishApple TreeBall and ChainBlowing BubblesBrooklyn CoffeeCat BalloonCatching Lightning
New Drawings
$5 Card Prints and $10 Poster Prints are available of all of these. Some of the originals are still available.